Branded Titles

What is a branded title?

A branded title vehicle is any vehicle that has experienced an insurance incident resulting in a total loss. These vehicles are then sold at insurance auctions for various reasons such as hail damage, theft recovery, or accidents. We have established strong relationships with the best builders in the industry. We only select vehicles that meet our strict standards and undergo a thorough inspection process, meaning we only pick the best of the best to come to our lot. Our success relies on our reputation and the satisfaction of our clients. This is why we carefully choose the best vehicles and ensure they are in excellent condition before adding them to our inventory.

What’s the difference between branded and salvage titles?

After a vehicle has been involved in any of the previously mentioned incidents and declared a total loss it is given a salvage title brand. Once the vehicle has been professionally reconditioned and passed all necessary inspections it is then given a rebuilt/restored title brand. In other words, a salvage title is before any repairs, and a rebuilt/restored title is after all repairs and inspections.

Why buy a branded title vehicle?

As we all know, cars lose value over time. To minimize this depreciation and maximize the value of your vehicle, consider purchasing a branded title vehicle from Summit Auto Sales.

  • Enjoy significant savings of 20% – 30% depending on the vehicle type.
  • Afford a newer or nicer car for a lower price.
  • Minimize the depreciation value over time.
  • Purchase an extended warranty for almost any car in our selection.
  • Know the history of the vehicle you are buying through our comprehensive inspection process.
  • It’s better for the environment by reducing manufacturing impact, minimizing landfill waste, and conserving resources through salvage and reuse.

Can you get a loan on a branded title vehicle?

Financing a branded title car, SUV, or truck is similar to financing a new or used car without a branded title. There are many banks in our area that will finance a branded title vehicle and rates are usually comparable to clean title vehicle loans.

Are branded title vehicles safe and reliable?

When you purchase a vehicle from Summit Auto Sales, rest assured that it has undergone a rigorous inspection process before being deemed ready for sale. Reliability and safety are always our top priority. Our vehicles pass multiple state inspections, in fact, branded title vehicles are more thoroughly inspected than clean title vehicles.

Can you get a warranty for a branded title car?

Yes, at Summit Auto Sales, nearly every vehicle in our inventory qualifies for an extended warranty.